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Personal Story: Are my parents perfect?

Dear reader,

It is very challenging to put into words how I periodically feel.

It is almost like I am deliberately attracting problems and challenges. Maybe it is because I feel numb. Risks give me a kick. And life is on my side, and I am lucky on many occasions that nothing more serious happened. I don’t know why I make the decisions I make.

Why am I pushing life to see how far I can go?

Life is so complex. I believe to grow up in an all-positive home, where we talk and where we get along. But as a young person, I don't understand the compressibility behind it.

Why do we grow up as children, believing our parents are perfect? But deep down we know something is wrong. I believe this has unconsciously changed my perception of risk, my fear of danger and the good and bad.

I am wondering how many mental health problems in young people are related to unresolved trauma of their parents.

Thanks for reading!


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